Financial management

Financial matters are a part of every project decision. Therefore, it is important to obtain and maintain reliable insight into the financial situation of the project. By means of insightful and comprehensive reports, PrYme Professionals makes it possible to easily monitor project developments and make well-supported decisions.

Keep your project manageable

With an accurate overview we are able to recognise financial bottlenecks faster. Using the obtained insights, the professionals of PrYme are able to advise you on possible control measures that can reduce the difference between the projected costs and the actual budget. Through these means we can keep your project manageable.

Our work

In order to secure and optimise financial processes the professionals of PrYme work with a proven, effective method, based on a model of continuous improvement: Plan (estimate, budget, budget series) – Do (progress, forecast) – Check (financial test) – Act (change budget, adjust forecast).


Financial management and time

The created financial forecast can be refined using the planning to obtain the necessary budget. In this way, time delays can be directly translated into the amount of expected extra costs.

Financial management and risks

When the risks of the project are examined in more detail, the budget item ‘expected/unexpected’ can be substantiated in the budget forecast. In this way, the identified risks will no longer come as a (financial) surprise whenever they occur.


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