About us

At PrYme Professionals we unburden you. That is our goal, what clients need from us. Together we strive for effective project management. PrYme is strong in planning as well as risk management, financial management and quality assurance. We analyze a situation, map it with our specific knowledge and set out the next path. By actually becoming part of a project, we not only take away concerns, but we also add our value to it.

One or two of our experts work closely with the client’s team. We do not look at individual fragments, but mainly opt for integrated solutions, with which risky projects are managed in terms of time, money and quality. A different approach would not suit large clients such as Rijkswaterstaat and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. Finally: PrYme looks ahead. We always stay one step ahead of current events and we think along. In solutions, that is. “No” is not an answer. We gladly accept the challenge.

Tjan Sansaar

Director PrYme Professionals

PrYme framework

The PrYme Framework shows our approach to integrated project management. It provides an overview of the process we go through with our customers. The framework describes the products we supply and their mutual relationships. This provides clarity to all team members involved in project management and forms the basis for good cooperation. The information on the page below will take you through the framework in broad outline. View our brochure for a step-by-step elaboration.


In 2001 engineer Tjan Sansaar founded PrYme. From the outset, PrYme provides project management consultancy and support services. Tjan Sansaar’s career goes back to the eighties. Planning and risk management for large projects in construction and infrastructure were still in their infancy at the time. Projects were only managed on the basis of a (time) planning. Tjan’s ambition was to provide a professional and innovative answer to that gap in the market. He used advanced techniques that had previously only been used in the petrochemical and offshore sectors. Now he applied them to large-scale construction projects and infrastructural programs, such as the Betuwelijn. Tjan shifted the focus and challenge to an integrated approach. After a career at management consultancy Twynstra Gudde, Tjan Sansaar thought the time was right in 2001 for his own independent consultancy. Pryme was born. We have distinguished ourselves for many years now with our integrated project and program management.