Risk management

Organisations benefit from leading their projects in a ‘risk-driven’ way. By visualising which risks will have an impact on project results, you acquire valuable management information. This enables you to make timely decisions on how to deal with risks. Will you avoid, reduce, transfer or accept them?

A project from start to finish without risk management
A project from start to finish with risk management
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Save time, money and energy

After compiling the risk document, PrYme’s risk managers help to address and monitor the most critical risks throughout the course of the project. In this manner, the project team will be able to take preventive measures to minimise the likelihood of risks occurring. After all, mitigating risks is more efficient, avoids extra costs, and saves time.

Our approach

PrYme’s risk managers consider risk management to be a cyclical process. This is characterised by early identification, analysis and formulation of risks and the establishment of control measures. By applying this cyclical process we help our clients with the preparation and monitoring of a risk file.



Risks and time

Even whilst applying risk management, uncertainties can have a major impact on the planning of a project. Thanks to our integrated approach, we address planning and risks as a holistic concept. This generates an overall picture which will help clients gain insight into the most important risks. Accordingly, risks can be mitigated or even prevented in advance.

Risks and quality

Risks can also be connected to quality assurance. By liaising project risks to a global perspective, such as the processes within an organisation, these processes can be improved. Lessons can be learnt from risks that have already occurred or are expected to occur. Can we identify and improve a process by using these lessons learned? Often, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”. The professionals at PrYme are happy to help you implement these potential improvements.

Our risk managers

Meet our risk managers. They will be happy to help you set up, monitor and adjust your risk register. Terms such as RISMAN, control measures and risk scores are of central importance. Wherever uncertainty exists, opportunities present themselves as well; this is what drives us. In addition, we like to engage in defining solutions for timely risk-mitigation to prevent your project from being confronted with unexpected surprises!

If you would like to know more about what our risk managers can do for you, please contact us


Tjan Sansaar

Director PrYme Professionals


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