LUV VTS is a good example of a project where PrYme Professionals provided a very diverse portfolio of support.

LUV VTS is a project of the Department of Public Works and includes the Nationwide and Uniform Replacement (LUV) of Vessel Traffic Services (VTS). The replacement and maintenance of these current systems is necessary to ensure safety and smoothness on Dutch waterways and in port areas. Ships must be able to use these systems to navigate safely at sea, to and from ports and across rivers.

The radar target tracking systems will have to be sufficiently developed for specific situations on the waterways, given the volume and diversity of shipping traffic. Many internal and external parties are involved in the temporary emergency solution for traffic stations and in the long term in the national and uniform procurement of the systems according to the European tender.

The tight probabilistic planning, coordination with the various parties, both national and regional, and the European tender process, require a thorough and integrated approach in supporting the project.

The role of Pryme


Together with regional and national sections of Rijkswaterstaat, municipalities and with contractors, PrYme’s professionals worked on two large European tenders. Through planning and plenary sessions there was up-to-date coordination between the different parties.


Making planning transparent and updating- and managing risks was vital to the success of this project. With our approach, we unified the management aspects into one integral system.

Probabilistic planning

We started in June 2015 with some basic agreements and project milestones, but after a few years later PrYme supported this project with probabilistic planning. Monte Carlo simulations provided insight into the feasibility, probabilities of success, which allowed project milestones to be met.


Visualisation of project information by means of zoning boards, such as control measures, standline reports provided the current situation of the project in a single glance.


Ultimately, as a project team, we worked toward the goal of replacing the Vessel Traffic Systems nationwide and, on top of that, performing ten years of management and maintenance.

Integral project management

Interactive & innovative

Visual presentation

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Excellent price-quality



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