Maritime Information Service Point (MIVSP) is a project of the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management and includes the purchase, installation and maintenance of various sensors required for the exploitation and safety of offshore wind farms.

The sensors placed on TenneT’s platforms off the Dutch coast include nautical radars, bird radars, AIS, VHF, meteorological systems such as wind, precipitation and temperature meters and bat detection.

The role of Pryme

Sinds februari 2018 levert PrYme advies op het gebied van planning- en risicomanagement.








The deadlines set within MIVSP are very hard due to the offshore nature of the project. For this reason, sharp supervision of the planning and good cooperation between the project team, TenneT and the builders of the platforms (HSM offshore and Petrofac) is therefore required. By working closely with all parties involved, quick and thorough advice can be given on how to anticipate in the dynamic offshore world.


In addition to the close involvement to manage the planning, PrYme is also involved in risk management. In cooperation with the project team we identify possible risks that could hinder the placement of the sensors and radars on the platforms. By identifying and updating risks in one-on-one conversations and developing them into management strategies in plenary sessions, both ownership of risks and consensus on how to manage them were created.

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